Suzanne Moss

Suzanne Moss

Suzanne is a Walnut Creek Intermediate parent and Walnut Creek Intermediate Site Co-Chair on the Board of the Walnut Creek Education Foundation.

Tell us about your children.
My son, Alex Kasler, is in 8th grade at Walnut Creek Intermediate.

Does your family contribute to WCEF K-12?
Yes! We moved here when Alex was in 1st grade and we’ve been donating ever since.

How have your children directly benefited from your contribution to WCEF K-12?
My son really enjoys the hands-on learning activities associated with WCI’s social studies cumulative events. He’s really interested in other cultures, and these events bring these cultures to life in a way that is meaningful and memorable. He also loves books, so the extended library hours are a real bonus!

Why do you think it’s important to support WCEF every year?
California provides a free education to millions of children and guarantees equal funding for every student in the public school system-this makes our communities stronger and gives every child a chance to succeed. But there is a limit to what state funds will cover. In Walnut Creek, WCEF helps create a “margin of excellence” by giving our kids the extras that support their interests and academic development: extra library hours, free after school homework help, enrichment days, compassionate and skilled counselors, even additional administrative support. What I give to WCEF in time and money is a fraction of what private schools cost. For a reasonable annual contribution, combined with that of others, I can give my son a great education–comparable to one in a private school!

Why have you chosen to be a volunteer for WCEF K-12?
WCSD is among the top districts in the state because of the dedication of our educators and the generosity and participation of the parent community. I have looked at private schools, and we moved to Walnut Creek because we fundamentally believe in the public school system. I feel good about doing a small but meaningful part of making our schools the best they can be.