Lisa Sun

Lisa Sun

Lisa is a Las Lomas parent and Las Lomas Site Co-Chair on the Board of the Walnut Creek Education Foundation

Tell us about your children.

I have one son, Nicholas, who is a senior at Las Lomas.

Does your family contribute to WCEF K-12?

Yes! We have contributed to WCEF since Nicholas was in elementary school.

Why do you think it’s important to support WCEF K-12 everyyear?

There isn’t adequate funding at the state and local level; nationally, California is 39th in funding. A healthy community needs strong schools and a well-educated population. People who don’t have kids still benefit from well-funded public schools–it’s a key reason why Walnut Creek’s property values are so high. Plus, donating to WCEF is a lot cheaper than sending my son to a private school and he is getting a comparable education!

How have your children directly benefited from your contribution to WCEF K-12?

At Las Lomas, Nicholas has directly benefitted from smaller English, Math and History classes. And, since he has severe allergies, knowing a nurse is on site gives me peace of mind. When my son was in elementary school, I learned that if it wasn’t for WCEF, he would not have had art, music and PE–it boggled my mind!

Why have you chosen to be a volunteer for WCEF K-12?

Once you really understand how much the state doesn’t fund and the gap WCEF fills, you realize the most impactful thing you can do for your student and the community is support WCEF. Plus, all the volunteers are a great group of dedicated and fun people. If you are looking to make a meaningful contribution to your community and make some friends, volunteering for WCEF is for you!