Harriet Rosen

Harriet is a Parkmead parent and PALS Site Representative on the Board of the Walnut Creek Education Foundation.

Tell us about your children.

I have three! Charlie and Noah are in 8th grade at Walnut Creek Intermediate; Bella is in 4th grade at the Parkmead Active Learning School (PALS).

Does your family contribute to WCEF K-12?

Yes! We’ve donated annually for the past five years.

Why do you think it’s important to support WCEF K-12 every year?

Because WCEF K-12 supports our students every year. By donating annually, I can actively contribute to my kids’ education—and to making the Walnut Creek School District an even more enriching, supportive and safe place to learn.

How have your children directly benefited from your contribution to WCEF K-12?

All three of my kids have enjoyed their art, music and P.E. classes at Parkmead. If it weren’t for my contribution—and the contributions of a lot of other families—they simply wouldn’t have those activities during a regular school day. And the after school homework help at WCI has been tremendous. Charlie and Noah have a place to get their work done without the usual homework struggle at home!

Why have you chosen to be a volunteer for WCEF K-12?

Being a volunteer with WCEF K-12 allows me to interact with parents from every school in the district. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that we are all working together to give our kids the best education possible, and I know we are making a real difference in our community. I also really enjoy being an ambassador for WCEF and talking to other parents about what a great organization it is. I know that by supporting WCEF, we don’t just improve our children’s schools—we make the Walnut Creek community better for everyone.