Hallie Bahr

Hallie Bahr

Hallie is a Tice Creek parent and Tice Creek Site Representative on the Board of the Walnut Creek Education Foundation.

Tell us about your children.

I have a second grader at Tice Creek and a child in preschool.

Does your family contribute to WCEF K-12?

Absolutely. We have since my daughter was in kindergarten!

Why do you think it’s important to support WCEF K-12 every year?

I see contributing to WCEF as part of my public school tuition, which helps ensure that what should be essential subjects of education (Art, Music, P.E., Science Lab) remain part of the curriculum.

How have your children directly benefited from your contribution to WCEF K-12?

My daughter is delighted by the art curriculum; she is athletic and loves P.E., especially field day, and going to the science lab is a highlight of her week. I often catch her humming songs from her music class.

Why have you chosen to be a volunteer for WCEF K-12?

I have really enjoyed meeting such a dynamic and empowering group of people on the board of the WCEF and it’s great to give back to a cause that I feel 100% passionate about!