Lori Gillespie

Lori Gillespie

Lori is a Walnut Heights parent and Walnut Heights Site Chair on the Board of the Walnut Creek Education Foundation.

Tell us about your children.
I have two at Walnut Heights: Isabella (8) is in third grade and Calvin (6) is in first.

Does your family contribute to WCEF K-12?
Yes! We’ve been donating to WCEF for four years, ever since Isabella started kindergarten at Walnut Heights.

Why do you think it’s important to support WCEF K-12 every year?
WCEF funds programs that would otherwise not exist in our school and school district. Art, Music and PE are so important to our children’s development–and I couldn’t imagine what school would be like for my kids without these programs in place!

How have your children directly benefited from your contribution to WCEF K-12?
There have been countless times that my kids have come home raving about a great experience in a WCEF-sponsored class. Just seeing the joy on my son’s face last year at the Spring Sing was enough to merit my contribution-he just sang his heart out. I’m also grateful that these specialized teachers give our grade-level teachers the time to meet and collaborate on developing curriculum that best meet the needs of our children’s education.

Why have you chosen to be a volunteer for WCEF K-12?
Being a WCEF volunteer allows me to be actively involved in maintaining the programs that I see as vital as part of my own children’s education-and the education of all the children in our school district. Volunteering also gives me insight into our school district and helps me see the larger picture of how my kids’ educational experience will change as they move on to middle and high school. And I am constantly impressed and inspired by the active group of volunteers that make up WCEF. I have really come to appreciate the mission of WCEF, and I’m proud to be a part of it!