Frequently Asked Questions

What is WCEF?
  • The Walnut Creek Education Foundation (WCEF) is a non-profit organization and a fundraising arm of the school districts it serves. WCEF’s mission is to preserve and enhance education for students in the Walnut Creek School District (WCSD) and at Las Lomas High School (LLHS)
  • WCEF’s volunteer board consists of an executive committee, trustees and advisory members. WCEF is also supported by two paid positions: Executive Director, Morgan West Hansen, and Data Manager, Greg Sasser.
Is my donation to WCEF tax deductible?
  • The Walnut Creek Education Foundation is a California non-profit, public benefit, corporation. It is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The federal tax ID number for the foundation (EIN) is #94-2915151. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.
What is your Federal Tax ID number again?
  • Tax I.D. #94-2915151
How will WCEF spend this money this 2017-18 school year?
  • WCEF funds preserve and enhance education from kindergarten through high school.
  • In all WCSD K-5 schools (including Tice Creek) WCEF funds go towards salaries for specialists in Art, Music, Science Lab, and a credentialed Physical Education teacher.
  • Our intermediate level students (WCI and Tice) benefit from WCEF-funded programs with a STEAM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). This year, WCEF funds will support chromebook carts in every science classroom, enhanced art music and drama programs (iPads for digital art and visiting artists series), robotics electives and supplies, before and after school library hours, and after school homework help.
  • At Las Lomas High School, WCEF donations help fund ten additional core academic classes, and support the salary of the Mental Health Intervention Specialists.
How is funding determined?
  • Funding needed to preserve or enhance basic curriculum is identified and prioritized as a collaborative process between WCEF, the Walnut Creek School District, Acalanes Union High School District and school administrators. Funding decisions are based on each district’s budgetary needs and made on an annual basis for the following school year.
Does my WCEF donation go to my student’s school?
  • Yes! WCEF funds are provided to the districts we serve, where the programs are funded on a per student basis. The result is an equitable distribution of funds that elevate every school served.
When will I see WCEF-funded programs at my student’s school?
  • At the elementary level, every Specialist position has been filled. The district and principal are charged with all personnel decisions, including those instructors funded through WCEF.
  • At the intermediate level, the programs and supplies identified by WCEF to fund this school year will be established as the funding becomes available.
  • At the high school level, your donations allow for the flexibility in the master schedule and the preservation of a 7 period day. WCEF programs are already in place; however, changes at the high school level are considered when fundraising efforts fall short.
Do I get a per family discount?
  • No. This year, WCEF’s annual ask is $500 per student. If this is not manageable for your family’s budget, please consider making installment payments by donating online. Alternatively, please donate in an amount that is comfortable for your family’s budget.
What is your annual ask?
  • The annual ask for the 2017-18 school year is $500 per student.
  • The $500 per student ask is a WCEF board-approved amount. The WCEF board is comprised of representation from all schools.
I can’t afford $500 per student this year. What can I do to help?
  • If you want to help but can’t donate $500 per student, you are encouraged to donate an amount that works with your family’s budget. WCEF wants 100% participation from its families; any amount is helpful to reaching our fundraising goal.
  • If you can’t contribute financially, please consider volunteering. Email us regarding volunteer opportunities:
Do you prefer cash credit card or check?
  • We prefer that your family select the most comfortable way of donating to our organization. Credit cards have processing fees which WCEF incurs unless the donor opts to incur them.
Didn’t I already donate to WCEF when I donated to my school’s PTA/PTO
  • No. The foundation is a separate check from school site specific organizations because it is its own foundation and touches eight separate schools. The PTA/PTO donation must be made separate from your WCEF donation.
  • If your family is able to, we ask that you donate to both WCEF and your Parent Group. WCEF and the Parent Groups of each school work together to ensure quality education for your students. WCEF and the Parent Groups are critical to bridge the state funding gap. We call this collaborative fundraising, and it ensures that both academics and community are fully funded at your student’s school.
How can I make my donation go further through corporate matching?
  • Many companies match charitable donations from their employees, which can double, or even triple the amount that WCEF receives as a result of your donation. To find out whether your company offers a corporate matching gift program, search this database or check with your company’s Human Resources department.  If you have questions about how to make a matching donation to WCEF, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
Why does WCEF print a list of donors’ names? Can I give anonymously?
  • Every donor makes a difference, and each gift deserves to be acknowledged. Many people new to the District, or to WCEF, give because they are prompted not by us, but by you. Seeing your name on a public acknowledgement tells people who know and respect you that you have lent your support to our efforts. That usually means more than all the emails we can send.
  • You can give anonymously to WCEF by noting it on your donation form or checking the box on the online form. We will honor your request and your name will not be published in our donor acknowledgements.
What percentage of the money raised goes to the schools and what percent covers administrative costs?
  • Administrative expenses for WCEF are low because volunteers do the majority of work. Current administrative costs represent less than 12% of the total budgeted foundation funds. The remaining 88% goes directly to the schools we serve. To view our financial information, click here.
Shouldn’t public schools be free?
  • There is a funding gap in California due to the inadequacy state funding for education. Thanks to WCEF and our parent groups, the schools we serve are able to hire specialist instructors, fund STEAM programs and supplies, and preserve the 7 period day at high school. Without WCEF, our public schools would look very different, and your student’s daily school experience would be affected. WCEF helps the public schools achieve their goals of excellence in education by supplementing the state’s shortfalls. Certainly donating is not required, but the support of each family is critical to the success of WCEF and by extension, every student’s academic experience.
How can I do more?
  • For those interested in doing more for their student’s school through WCEF, we encourage you to donate at the Scholar Circle level which starts at $1,500.
  • If you are not able to donate at a higher level but are still interested in supporting WCEF, we encourage you to volunteer with WCEF, attend board meetings, read our emails, and be positive ambassadors for the organization.